Monday, December 15, 2008

Trifecta Therapy

My last post, sitting there on top of my blog for months, must maintain the impression that I have dived into a depressive, angry place where soccer is torturous and evil.

It's only very partly true. I haven't been writing or thinking deeply about soccer, but I remain addicted to the Roar. I just couldn't bare going to the game last night however, as if Newcastle had won it would have been too upsetting. Anxiously watching the score on the net, when Griffiths scored I simultaneously groaned and thanked God I wasn't there. Then Mitchel came on, replacing my second-favourite defender - ok I was curious. The same automatic refresh said "Half Time" as first said "1:1". Shit, I better get to a screen. But I finished my beer first.

Walked up to the mall and caught the last 20 minutes. The same old frustrating story. The Roar executing attack after attack, coming frustratingly close, missing sitters, Moore heads to the goalie, we've seen all this before. An excrutiating draw. I can't fucking bare it!

But it was a happy ending. They actually scored. 2:1. I love them. All of them. And the Roar women won the Premiership with their win and the Roar youth won their game too. I'm happy ok? Back to work.