Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Big One - World Cup South Africa, 2010

It's hard to admit that football, of all things, has been deprioritised in my life behind work, but that is the only real excuse I have for barely blogging last year. I remain emotionally attached to the QLD Roar, and fret whenever they're playing whether I can watch it or not, and surf the soccer media regularly to punctuate my day. But I can't say I'll be blogging much for a while at any rate.

Moreso next year though. Jacob and I are going to the World Cup. I'm sure I'll write a bit in the lead up, but covering the experience in my own ridiculous way will be an important part of the experience for me at least. That's still a long way away.

What I want to attempt to get at here, in typical blog-tradition, is a discussion about what the hell I should do to organise this (to me) ambitious adventure. Is any of the handfull of people who read this blog going themselves? Have any of you been before? So far I'm thinking of finding a tour deal, but are there ways of getting the best deal and the best chance for Australian-game tickets?

Of course I fully expect, from reading about people's experiences of the 2006, 2002 and other Cups, that regardless of how well we have tickets, accomodation and transport organised, that it will be chaos. Jamie Trecker (Love & Blood at the World Cup with the Footballers, Fans and Freaks), a notable and card-carrying journalist with expenses, found himself struggling and once had to sleep on a train station with dozens of other fans after a riot stopped the trains for a while. This was in Germany. Germany might be said to be among best practice in the world when it comes to efficiency, organisation and security. South Africa would not be included in such a list.

Now I consider myself a worldly and resourceful person but this one makes me a little anxious, and Jacob has never been outside very safe boundaries. On the other hand I will be at the quixotically auspicious age of 42, and Jacob will have just turned 15 - not old enough to drink, have sex and make up his own bloody mind, but at the same time old enough to... um... drink, have sex and make up his own bloody mind. Anyway, an adventure it will be, and I have briefed the lad that nothing will be guaranteed, that we will wear colours and use any groups of Australian fans as security, especially if we beat England on a dubious ref decision, and we will make absolutely certain that we meet a Norwegian single mother with her teenage daughter. Apart from these key things, we might have to wing it.

Anyway, if anyone reading has any advice at all, serious or otherwise, lay it down please.