Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sydney FC vs New Zealand Knights

Well to this eye - albeit untrained - that was a very scrappy game of football. The first half hour was embarassing, for both of the teams, and for the A-League itself.

In the end, though it looked a couple of times like my 1:1 draw prediction was going to come to pass, Sydney did deserve its win. Once the goal occurred, there was even a bit of form, and between the goal (about minute 57) and the last 10 minutes Sydney virtually monopolised possession, occasionally bouncing it off a New Zealand player for variety, or so it seemed.

In the final 10 minutes Sydney got very defensive and New Zealand actually managed to keep a bit of possession. In minute 84 there was a clear chance for them, but the player in question fell over at the critical moment. The moment represented the game well.

Sorry I don't know the names of these guys. This is just my impression of the game as watched over a couple of beers in a pub - The Clarence Hotel to be precise. It was not good football. I truly believe Queensland and Adelaide will put on a much better show tomorrow night, regardless of who wins.

Good night.

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