Monday, May 31, 2010

Congratulations to the Champions of Asia

Women's Asia Cup 2010 Final
Matildas v North Korea 1:1
Matildas win 5:4 on penalties after extra time

Oh it was wet and it was muddy,
so both sides were playing cruddy,
but the stakes were high and the Ozzies were game
and the Matildas laughed at the rain.

Sam Kerr popped one at fifteen minutes!
No one yet knows this young girl's limits.
But the brave Stalinists came back near the end
to force the time into extend.

But the mud and the crud meant no more goal
could be scored in extra time, although
it was bloody close once or twice
for the bad guys, so the gods were nice.

Sally, Kyles, Kate, Heather and Kyah
scored penalties to finish North Korea.
Australians all doff hats and bow
to the Champions of Asia, right about now.

A drink to el captain, Melissa Barbieri,
And to the good coach Tom Sermanni.
There are leaders aplenty in this group of women
and no shortage of spirit (whether runnin' or swimmin').

And we wish the wounded all the best:
De Vanna and Sarah Walsh, and all the rest
with bruises, cramps, scrapes and weariness.
You have earned your glory, defeated your nemesis.

Girls of the Matildas, we drink to you all!
You have done Australians proud, one and all,
and when you are next year in Germany to take on the World
we know that you'll give it a damn good burl.

Cheers Matildas
I'm sorry it's the best I could do.

For good raves about the game, it's the same four good bloggers, Fiona Crawford, Merryn Sherwood, Mike Salter and Eamonn Flanagan.



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