Friday, September 22, 2006

Roar vs Adelaide

I'm going to start with the evening's minutia, because it's easier. One reason I like blogging is that the minutia can be prominent, as contrary to with the MSM.

First, it's great that our tickets to the game are also train tickets, and myself, my son Jacob, his mate Max, and my mate Sean, took off for Southbank Station at about 6.30pm. The kids, like last week, went straight for the drink machines and bought hot chocolates. Unlike last week however, the hot chocolates were really weak. Can someone work on that please? Southbank station drink machines: up the chocolate!

Second minutia. When we got to the game, stocked up with beer, drinks and chips, and sat down, I once again (like last week) thought it was really cool to watch the kids' teams (under 7's or 8's I'm guessing) play. It must be a complete thrill for them to play in front of 10,000 people or so (it was over 16,000 for the actual game). Someone is thinking about the long term development of the game, and it's great.

Ok, enough minutia.

What can I say? Queensland was dominant, increasingly, and by the end overwhelmingly, but just couldn't score. Are the Roar back to last season's curse? I bloody well hope not.

Robert Bajic, the Adelaide goalkeeper, will never forget this game. He had so much pressure on him, so constantly, and increasingly until it became a minute by minute push at his goal. He made a couple of errors, but not when it counted. My hat is off to him.

The man of the Roar side was Hyuk-Su Seo, in almost constant mid-fielding action to maintain and extend Queensland possession. It's certainly not his fault that the strikers just didn't connect.

They didn't. They all had decent chances, but just kept missing. On the few occasions they were on target, Bajic came through.

The best chances for Queensland were after Yuning Zhang and young Dario Vidosic came on in the last quarter. Dario played beautifully and set up some lovely chances, including two from corners. "Zhang stuffed it," as my son Jacob eloquently puts it. But due credit has to go to a staunch, determined Adelaide defence. At that stage, with one man off the field, Adelaide was not even attempting to mount an attack.

Frankly, this does not bode well for Roar. If they can't beat Adelaide, Melbourne will be a serious uphill challenge for them. Sydney? Bah! Sydney are crap at the moment, and in my view don't pose serious opposition any more than New Zealand or North Coast Mariners. But at this stage, despite a dream beginning, Queensland can confidently only say that they are in the top four.

Whiskey and beer. Good night!

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Blogger Simon O'Toole said...

Hamish, just discovered your blog. Great to see a Roar fan reporting on their games. So far the talk is mainly Sydney and Melbourne, so it's god to hear another perspective!

And yes, Sydney are playing crap at the moment. but I'm hoping they've turned a corner with that last game. (I mean with the win, not the way they played!)

Looking forward to the SFC v QR game in two weeks. I'll be there!

September 25, 2006 1:35 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

Cheers Simon. Good to hear from you.

Since my first post, where I (albeit oddly) thought I was about the only ongoing Ozzie football blogger 'out there', I've discovered there are indeed a few, and won't be surprised if I keep discovering more. But I won't be "abandoning the project" as I suggested, partly because, as you say, I appear to be the only blogger with an overt Roar bias.

I'm looking forward to Roar's next two games. Indeed I do think Queensland'll whip Sydney... but only if they manage to score goals! Valiant attempts on goal become a bit tedious if they don't connect, as happened by the dozen against Adelaide last Friday.

Roar vs Victory in Round 6 will be a great challenge for both teams.

September 25, 2006 1:54 pm  

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