Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Round 6 Predictions

Firstly, my predictions last week were shocking, so I can hardly recommend them. It's sort of fun to try I guess.

For predictive powers I'm giving three points for a correct score (neither Jacob - my second - or I got any of these) and one point for a correct result (winner or draw). On this system I got a miserly 1 point last week, and Jacob got 3. We'll see how we go this time...

My Call:

New Zealand vs Central Coast
Central Coast 1:0

Newcastle vs Perth
Draw 2:2

Melbourne vs Queensland
Queensland 2:1

Adelaide vs Sydney
Adelaide 3:0

Jacob's (who never agrees with his father) call:

New Zealand vs Central Coast
New Zealand 1:0

Newcastle vs Perth
Perth 1:0

Melbourne vs Queensland
Queensland 3:2

Adelaide vs Sydney
Adelaide 2:0

Now frankly the Queenland vs Melbourne match is the important one to us. I'm as worried as hell about Miron's decision to put Tom Willis in goal instead of Liam Reddy, only because the latter has been performing so well and Willis hasn't played a game for a while, but still think Queensland can do the job on Melbourne. Why? Because I do alright? Melbourne, undefeated and in their flash new home stadium, have got their hubris coming to them. Jacob is making it clear that he actually thinks Melbourne will probably win, but is making a call on loyalty lines.

How's that for professional, considered analysis? Remember you read it here first!

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Blogger The Round Ball Analyst said...

Hamish/Jacob, thanks for your comments and support of my site and your ongoing interest in the A-League and Oz football.

For someone like me who has been following the local game for almost 20 years, hoping it would eventually take off and have a rightful place as a mainstream code in this mad sporting nation, it's just brilliant to see new fans embrace the local game.

I'm most excited about your son's interest in the comp, seeing as a attachment at youth tends to survive the test of time.

Hopefully he and his mates will grow to be just as obsessed about the round ball as the kids in England and Brazil, that's how the game will continue to prosper, so good on you for doing your bit by taking him to Roar games.

Tipping in any sport as you know is frought with danger, but good on you for having a dip. This week there are two crucial clashes in the bottom four, and it will fascinating to see how Damien Mori goes at North Harbour - boy do the Mariners need his goals. Jets v Glory on Frid is another crucial one and it will be interesting to see how Milton Rodriguez goes in his first game at home. Can't wait for Sunday night at the Dome, two teams in hot form. Bleiberg and Merrick has shown they have added alot of thought to their tactical approach, and I'm fascinated to see if either backline is put under pressure. Both teams have been excellent in attack and defence, and I'm keen to seen how Ognenovski, Gibson and McCloughan deal with Allsopp/Archie, and visa versa how Storey, Leijer, Vargas and Piorkowski deal with whoever plays from Lynch, Reinaldo, Milicic and Zhang. Monday avo is also a beauty as Sydney are under the pump both on and off the field and may start Carbone, while Adelaide miss Qu. If Romario is ready, as suggested, then we might be in for a treat.

September 27, 2006 11:43 pm  
Blogger john said...

Mori was the only star on the park. Milton was disappointing - the coach should never say 'this is the best player I have ever coached'.

My advice, bite the bullet get Foxtel with iQ (pause live and record, bookmark goals card etc). I set games like CC v NZ on record and start viewing the start at half time using x1 x2 x6 x12 x 30 as necessary - stopping at magic moments like the 2 red cards and Paul Nevin getting involved in the on field argument. Foxtel Sports 3 starts today with promise of camera angle choice - I wonder how that works?

Roar v Melbourne - now that game I'll watch every second.

October 01, 2006 1:01 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

John, I reckon I'll do exactly that (get Fox) as soon as I can afford it. Meanwhile, feel free to invite me over for the games!

October 01, 2006 1:09 pm  
Blogger john said...

If you get stuck go to the Queensland Lions club aka Roar's home club at Richlands - I joined for 3 years for about $10 - they will always show the games. Plus cheap food and drink. Plus non-playing team members could be there for away games.

October 02, 2006 11:02 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

John, thanks! I had considered that. Went out there once with my boy to buy merchandise and we had lunch too.

The nachos (Jacob) and bangers & mash (me) were pretty average to tell the truth, but the only impediment really is that it takes me about 40 minutes to drive there. Kind of rules out drinking too, but that's ok.

Especially for Roar away games (for home games I'm at the stadium) I expect the atmosphere would be pretty good too. Better than sitting in a corner of a pub by myself!

Thanks for the information you sent by email too (I assume it is the same John). I did a bit more research before I retired last night and think some of my assumptions were wrong. Still digesting some stuff, but am worried for the game. If a complete soccer tragic like myself is struggling to see a game, the audience is certainly not growing!

October 03, 2006 6:50 am  

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