Sunday, June 13, 2010

Off to Durban

Well today is a big one, which will seriously test the organisation around here. Bus to airport, plane to Durban, bus to stadium, game, then the reverse to get us back here by about 2.30am (all going to plan).

Australia vs Germany. Can we beat the Krauts?

Life around the Total Sports Soccer Village is pretty cool and relaxed. Games on the big screen are watched by a packed, engaged room.

The complex is surrounded by barbed wire and electric fences. A big guy hangs around at the front and lets us in and out. Actually pretty much everywhere you go there is a black guy sort of mooching around the front. No uniform or anything, but that's security.

Yesterday Jacob and I went for a 15 minute walk to the local shopping complex and market. These people are really wonderful - colourful and friendly. I could spend the whole day looking at (black) women's hair. From fairy floss silk to ropes, plaits, elaborate braids, every possibility. Clearly their hair is very important to them, and it's very cool.

Anyway, then we walked back, and at a crossing stopped next to a lady. She looked very uncomfortable, and I thought maybe it was us, so I just sort of tried to keep a little distance and act happy and cool. She told us she'd just that morning had her phone stolen at gunpoint. She was very upset, visibly distressed. Hmm. One of the workers around here who I've become mates with reckons, "It's really not that bad. I've lived here all my life and only been mugged eight times." Oh good.

Anyways, blah blah. I'm still working on my photo publishing technique. My notebook is not loaded with software (it can't handle Photoshop), so I'm uploading straight from camera to Picasa, and can't figure out how to save the pics at lower resolution. Any advice welcome.

I'll have more after the day's exciting ordeal.



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