Monday, October 23, 2006

The Spluttering Roar

Had a good night out last night at Suncorp Stadium with Jacob, his mates and fellow Terrorists Max and Callum, and their Mum Fiona. No complaints about the company, and despite an ominous period, the weather held out too. Pitty about the game, but you can't have everything.

Newcastle deserved its win. Congratulations to the boys in camel yellow.

The Queensland midfield actually wasn't too bad. In the first half I thought they dominated the Jets' midfield, but the front line might as well have gone off for cocktails. Reinaldo in particular is starting to look like a showy dud. I truly hope he lifts his act, as I love his backflips.

Newcastle's Rodrigues was clearly their star. I assume he's ok, because my quick peruse of the media this morning has not revealed anything about his injury, but when he was stretchered off I was one of the few Brisbanites clapping him, for sheer performance.

Booing the player who has just beaten the pants off you is worse than bad sportsmanship. It reveals a deep inadequacy. I don't think this is just a Queensland thing; it seems to be a feature of the football audience, and it's crap. Football above all else is a spiritual journey, and if you fail spiritually, in the end you fail on the pitch. Ok, I'm quite mad.

Meanwhile, go the Roar. There's clearly some thinking to do, and some rejigging. Best of luck figuring it Miron and the team.

And to all who love our glorious game, have a great week.

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Anonymous Dave said...


We were at Suncorp too and the atmosphere was fantastic as usual.

True, the Roar deserved to get beaten last night (although both sides were largely uninspiring in the second half); but I don't know that we should be writing them off just yet.

Losing Massimo Murdocca during the week was a huge blow. Lynch was injured in the warm-up, which must have disrupted things enormously - and left us with effectively only 2 subs for the game. Ogenovski was apparently sick (which might explain the Newcastle goal) and I suspect Dario Vidosic had half an eye on his international tournament coming up next week.

With Recchia arriving this week, Zhang back on deck and Lynch hopefully OK, I suspect it'll be a very different starting 11 next week against CC Mariners. That's shaping as an absolute must-win for both teams, so should be a cracker.

October 23, 2006 10:22 am  
Blogger Wayne said...

One should never apologise for being philosophical Hamish, they call it the "beautiful" game without ever thinking about what the word actually means, or where it came from - philosophers.

October 23, 2006 12:40 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

You're right on all points I reckon Dave, and I certainly won't be writing the Roar off. We're Queenslanders mate. We'll miss Dario for the next few weeks as well though, and if Lynch is out Bleiberg certainly has his work cut out for him.

One thing I'm getting used to with football is that, apparently moreso than any other game, a winning team is much, much more than a collection of beaut players. It's a dynamic that clicks and works. The Roar had one, and although we can talk about the key cogs like Matty and Massa, Miron was the architect.

Now the dynamic is broken and the good Captain Bleiberg will have to reconstruct. It took a long time last time. That's what worries me. We may be looking at not just one, but a series of pretty scratchy performances.

But I'll be supporting the hazardous-chemical-orange boys through thick and thin. We're Queenslanders mate, and anyone who knows the full story of that statue of Wally Lewis outside Suncorp Stadium knows what that bloody means.

And thanks for the encouragement Wayne. But I am quite mad.


October 23, 2006 8:23 pm  
Anonymous Dave said...


Further to my earlier post, seems the starting 11 might be VERY different.

Saw an article in the SMH today suggesting that Chad Gibson and Remo Buess will be traded to NZ Knights when the transfer window opens in November. (see I wonder, given NZ's rather parlous financial situation, whether the deal might involve players rather than money; and whether that might mean we could be seeing Malik Buari in an orange shirt before Xmas?

Also, I heard an entirely unsubstantiated rumour that Alex Brosque was rather disenchanted with Sydney FC (and that perhaps with Terry Butcher in charge, the feeling was mutual) and could be looking for a move back north.

Any thoughts?

October 25, 2006 1:19 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

Thanks for the rumours Dave. I love rumours. I can't find the SMH article on the SMH Football page but I'll take your word for it. The Courier Mail reports that not only Carl Recchia, but also Grant Last and local boy David Pilic are training with the Roar this week, one or two (or none) to be chosen.

There does seem to be a general rethink going on.

There's some solid stayers though. Matty and Seo seem to be solid thankfully. They remain the anchor to the whole thing in my view, and I suspect Miron sees it that way.

My general thought - and there may well be matters that are not even rumoured afoot - is that I do trust Captain Bleiberg. I can't really articulate why. I just think he's kind of cool, with a streak of larikin which he's found expression for in this country and this state, alongside a very worldy sophistication. He'll make mistakes - no question - but I trust him for the long run.


October 25, 2006 6:59 pm  
Blogger john said...

H Hamish

I have become a big Reinaldo fan this year. His niche seems to be behind the front two. And has already set up a three goals for the strikers in this way and scored 2 himself including a piledriver in the first game against Newcastle. So critical to 5 of the 15 goals. Yeh he did sky his opportunity but he also make the magnificent through ball for Ante to miss his. I particularly like his ability to break up counter attacks, feed the ball forward and win free kicks as he bursts through defence lines. Consider the number of times he has been pulled down only to be waved on compared to Archie and other Melbourne players. So I feel more like Roar will win when he is on the park.

Knowing there wasn't to be a striker sub impacted the performance of all the forwards on Sunday. Particularly in the second half.

The forecast is for a storm on saturday night so expect more suncorp atmosphere.

October 25, 2006 8:25 pm  

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