Saturday, October 21, 2006

Two Games, Fast and Furious

G'day. This is going to be quick because I really should be in bed.

Sydney vs Melbourne was not brilliant football, but I loved it. It was for once absolutely appropriate that I was distracted by the rugby league (at the Muddy Farmer, I was the only one watching the football), because this was a rough game. The sheer passion between these traditional rivals is entertaining in itself.

Football, but not as you know it? Um... yeah sure. Like a cross between AFL, rugby and basketball, and a good old fashioned rumble, SE Hinton style. Loved it for some reason. Maybe it was my mood. Maybe it was the rugby on the other screens. Anyway the best team won. Melbourne and Sydney can both be brutal, but Melbourne has class as well.

There was a much, much more important game this morning. I've mentioned that I've taken on the management of Jacob's 12 and under indoor soccer team. Their first game was last week, where they lost 5:1. Well it is a furiously fast game, brilliant to watch. Last week I mentioned the rule that they can't kick the ball over head height. The mechanism of the goalie semi-circle wherein nobody but the goalie may go is also a clever innovation, avoiding the horrible physical clashes like that between Perth and Central Coast last night, and keeping the game about skill and tact.

Anyway, excuse the whiskey-induced stream-of-consciousness going on here, but this clash, between Jacob's team, the West End Terrorists, and the Mongooses (Mongeese?) was one of the most important games I've ever witnessed, for a simple reason.

It wasn't because the Terrorists won 7:zip, though that was great.

It was because Jacob scored his first goal in a competition match. He was so cool. He didn't jump and whoop and have sex with his nearest team mate. He just turned, straight-faced, and ran back to his position for kick off. But I could feel his pride from 50 feet. And I did a bit of whooping for him. I was a proud Dad, and for that matter a proud manager.

Go the Terrorists. I hope I don't get incarcerated for saying that.

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