Friday, October 06, 2006

Football at the Story Bridge

The good news is that after some effort I finally found a pub with Fox Sport 3. They were just setting it up at The Story Bridge Hotel as I called at about 5pm.

Pleasingly virtually all the screens throughout the place were on the football. Watching football to a sort of rock n' roll yuppy atmosphere isn't too bad, but I'd prefer to be able to hear the commentary, and I must get Fox. If I figured it out, I'd probably save money on drinks and petrol (by the way I am very careful, drinking light beer and coke in turn).

Anyway I watched the North Coast vs Adelaide game and about twenty minutes of the Perth vs NZ game, which continues as I type. The first half of the first game was pretty good. North Coast looked decidedly unbasketcase-like in fact, and that Mori bloke had quite a few dangerous looking moments. But although Adelaide was very dominant in the second half and deserved to win, the second half was a scrappy business. By close to the end, with Adelaide up 2:1, it was just silly, desperate, panicky, ugly. Never mind.

I'm not sure if I would have gotten through the second game anyway, as I start a job in the morning which I could really use in order to be able to afford Fox, but the opening 20 minutes were really shocking.

A couple of very drunk young blokes asked me who I thought was going to win.

"They're both playing terribly; I don't care, but probably Perth," was my reply.

"Are you going to the Paraguay game tomorrow? I hope there's Paraguayan girls there. They're hot."

The other lad enquired, "Isn't it Uruguay?"

"No, it's Paraguay," I retorted. "I have a feeling they'll kick our arses."

"Mate, if they win, there'll be a riot!"

Great. Anyway I left about then. The company was matching the football.

I must say I can't wait for the atmosphere of a packed Suncorp Stadium, which is quite amazing even with 15,000 people, let alone over 50,000. And I do hope Australia wins, just for the adrenaline charged crowd experience of it. If Australia does lose, as my inner realist expects, I dearly hope we can be civilised about it. I love my country, but there is a dark side.

Good night.


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