Sunday, January 06, 2008

Welcome McMaster

Well according to my list The Roar have with Griffin McMaster capped their 46th player. The last new cap was Robbie Kruse against Wellington on October 5th.

I'm disappointed but not terribly disillusioned by the Roar's loss to Melbourne. We were depleted and when Seo went off there was very little of the Roar's success formula left on the field. The front line, and in particular Tahj, was dynamic and created good chances but the defense was amateur. If Ben Griffin is our 'depth' in defense, then we don't have great depth in defense. But anyway well done Melbourne for taking the opportunity with both feet. A deserved win.

Truly though as I last blogged I was mostly worried about, and for, the debut keeper. And Griffin McMaster did fine. No keeper would be too shamed by the two goals that went past him. Once the defense has failed, and especially if an attack has support, the keeper can attempt to position himself but it is in the hands of the gods, and players like Aloisi love that situation.

Meanwhile McMaster wasn't kept too busy, especially in the first half, as Melbourne seemed content to mount attacks on the break, taking advantage of our weakened defense, but he did make a couple of fine saves and although he twice fumbled the ball forward where he probably would have liked to catch it, he recovered each time and made no fumbles where it mattered.

His distribution was adequate. Working very closely with Andy Packer he often gave the quick short ball straight to the latter and let him organise it. But when it came to the distinctive long (two thirds of the field) goal kick, he was up to the task, though not as convincing as Reddy, and not as accurate.

Overall, I'll be much happier when Reddy is back between the posts, but most of my concern is alleviated. He'll be fine against Sydney as long as our defence holds together. I do hope Seo's ok - noone keeps a safer right flank.

McMaster is a Brisbane boy, and 24 years old. Welcome to the Orange lad, and thanks for stepping up when you were needed.


Anonymous Eric said...

I thought McMaster had a great game. As you said, a few fumbles, but also some great saves. Hernandez and Archie both had excellent chances in the last 20 minutes or so, but McMaster stopped us both times.

How long will Reddy be out? Seems like a broken thumb could take a while to heal.

January 06, 2008 10:20 pm  

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