Friday, September 29, 2006

Newcastle vs Perth

Well for personal reasons I had to leave The Muddy Farmer at half time, so will have to follow the rest of the game on the net, but I must say to begin with that I was enjoying the football much more than last night.

Perth deserved that goal. From the first few minutes I was more impressed with what they were trying to do, as much as how they were playing. From now on that's what I'm going to be looking for I think. It's something philosophical.

Not that Newcastle were playing that badly - they weren't, and they had a couple of good opportunities, but when they just lob the ball straight from the defenders to the forwards (well, to Rodriquez), hoping that wonderman will cast the spell, it's boring.

A possible irony occurred to me about these magic imports. I have no doubt they can be great for the Australian game, but is there a risk that teams will base their strategy around the magic players (especially if they're strikers), thus compromising the development of a whole beauty of play? At this stage this is just a thought, but I'm going to be watching for this. Certainly what I love about Roar (acknowledging my bias to be sure) is they have a lot of emphasis on the midfield. Matt McKay is certainly a pleasure to watch, but one of the big hero imports is Seo, who is also beautifully skilled and central to the Roar game. Anyway, I'm thinking aloud. Not an expert, but a bellowing voice in the crowd (as anyone who read my rant last night can attest).

It's minute 60 and I do wish I was watching. It did look like it could get exciting. Perth, from my impressions, can not be written out of this competition. Newcastle too are playing a better quality football than New Zealand or CCM in my view, despite their position on the ladder. Sydney has been bloody lucky.

How many Australians would be watching this game if you didn't have to have Fox Sport or go to the pub to watch it? It's not even on the bloody radio, and checking the net every five minutes is a useless experience. I'm worried about Sunday - it promises to be the best game of the season to date, and I will most certainly be watching it, but I just know there'll be a raucous pack of rugby fans already drinking, especially toward the end of the match. Oh well... the perils of a football fan in Oz.

3:0 must be the final score. From the half I saw it was deserved. For predictions, a point for Jacob. Newcastle - players and fans - must be devastated.

Good night.

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Blogger john said...

As a fellow Roar fan, did you see that Qu, via an interpreter, a lawyer and the Adelaide CEO accused Chad of used racial taunts in the lead up to the head butt. Chad is livid. Adelaide is desperate for Qu to return but this type of approach could be as bad as racism, it should have been investigated and if found to be a ruse should lead to an extended ban for Qu.

October 01, 2006 12:48 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

Thanks for the tip-off John. I must say I wondered what it possibly was that provoked Qu to such a moment of unprofessionalism. Especially so because of the Zidane episode at the end of the WC Final.

Can you link a source to the article you're referring to?

October 01, 2006 1:03 pm  

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