Sunday, October 01, 2006

Melbourne vs Queensland

I'm not going to say much. It was good football, and the best team won. The Roar were a bit panicky from the beginning and never really looked confident, whereas Victory have a cool momentum about them which is going to be very hard for any team in this competition to beat. If the Roar can't do it, who can?

For Queensland the only joy was the revenge from the Broncos.

My addendum is yet again about the difficulty for a punter to even see A-League games. Once again I showed up at The Muddy Farmer, as it has proved a good venue for me until now. But they didn't have Fox Sport 3, which is a brand new channel, or that's what they said. I wasn't the only one disappointed this time. There was a small group of folk who had planned to first watch the football and then the Rugby. This is in Queensland mind, and surely the idea of a prequel for the rugby final of a good Brisbane vs Melbourne game should even be a bit of a feature. Not so.

It simply had to be their mistake and they obviously didn't try to figure it out. I called a friend who figured out how to get his Fox to the new channel and allowed me to invite myself over.

And yes, as John said, I really should just bite the bullet and get Fox, but it hardly corrodes my point that the lack of free-to-air coverage is seriously undermining the ability for the A-League's following to develop.


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Anonymous Wes said...

Hamish, I thought this was a good quality game and Roar gave as much as they could. But Victory with Fred playing are a different team and that showed.
I still think Adelaide will give Victory a good match and I will be very surprised if Victory were to win at Hindmarsh. Will have to wait and see.

October 01, 2006 10:57 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

You might be right Wes.

As I feel I should keep emphasising my perview is one of an amateur very recently addicted to this sport. But perhaps that's a very relevant point of view, and from it I really like the way Adelaide play.

Someone has to give the Victory pause. I hoped it would be Queensland. I doubt Newcastle can do the job, so the very best of luck to United on the 15th. Unfortunately I'll miss the game because it clashes with Roar vs Perth, which should also be a good competition.

October 01, 2006 11:18 pm  

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