Thursday, November 09, 2006

Predictions for Round 12

I feel a little inadequate as a football blogger being reduced to this weekly post, but nevertheless it is the minimum from which I can do better, so it will continue. I do promise that in the coming weeks I'll at least throw in a review or something in between.

Needless to say last week was a morale blow to all the Roarophiles from the north, and perhaps that partly explains me not blogging until now. We did have it coming, and frankly, from the time we lost Murdocca to injury, Miron has been struggling to rebuild the engine (his metaphor) in midfield. So far, it hasn't happened. At the same time the Knights had their day coming, and they had it. Well done Knights. It might have been crap for the Roar, but it was a good result for the League.

As usual, for proper reviews of the games last week I refer people to the efforts of The Round Ball Analyst.

To this very prestigious competition then...

The scores so far:
Hamish: 16
Jacob: 13
Drsimmo: 13
Tony, my favourite analyst, got zero points, so he is on 9.
John: 10

A reminder that the correct score attracts 3 points and a correct result but the wrong score attracts 1 point.

In true amateurism, I have while composing this post realised that the Melbourne vs Perth game is already in progress, and whilst it is still nil all in its 8th minute I really can't count that one. For the record I reckon Melbourne will win 3:1 and Jacob reckons the same.

For points though, my tips:

Sydney vs New Zealand:
New Zealand 0:1

Queensland vs Adelaide:
Draw 1:1

Newcastle vs Central Coast:
Newcastle 3:2

Sydney vs New Zealand
Sydney 3:0

Queensland vs Adelaide:
Adelaide 0:2

Newcastle vs Central Coast:
Newcastle 2:0

And a prayer to the infinite, please no serious injuries, and some good sportsmanship all round.

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Blogger drsimmo said...

Ah Hamish, you just don't think much of Sydney this season do you? Sadly, a lot of this is probably deserved :-(

Anyway, here go my tips for this round (I would have predicted Melbourne to win given the chance, but not the score! Oh well):

Sydney v NZ: Sydney 2-0
Hooray for Dave Carney returning! Someone who can beat defenders and cross the ball. What Sydney has needed this season!

Queensland v Adelaide: Adelaide 1-2
Queensland seems to be stuttering, as they did last season. Is Vidosic back in the lineup? If so, that will help, but it will also mean Nathan Burns is too for Adelaide. A close game I reckon.

Newcastle v Central Coast: Draw 2-2
Can Nick Carle reproduce the individual brilliance? Will Paul Okon be hero or villan? Will Damien Mori continue to save the Central Coast?

Oh, and I'm feeling a bit hard done by Hamish! I predcted a 1-1 draw between Sydney and Newcastle, plus a victory to Adelaide, but was only given 2 points instead of 4. Thanks mate!

November 10, 2006 7:37 am  
Blogger Hamish said...

Drsimmo, I'm so sorry mate, you are right. I've corrected you tally, and you now equal Jacob on 13 points!

For the record for late readers, I had listed Drsimmo as having 11 points so far.

By the way, yeah I do admit having a bias against Sydney and Butcher. I don't like the latter's style with his players, and I have had the pleasure of watching state-of-origin rugby league from its inception. A life-sized Wally Lewis in brass - the embodiment of embattlement with NSW - stands proudly outside Suncorp Stadium, the home of the Roar. Apologies.

But in this case it's not merely bias against Sydney. It's a bit of humble recognition of the Knights after them defeating the Roar last week. I reckon that will give them a needed boost. We'll see tonight.


November 10, 2006 7:51 am  
Blogger The Round Ball Analyst said...

Hamish, told you last week I was a glutten for punishment...problem is I'm back for more...

Like 100% of the population, I expected a Melbourne victory, but alot more comfortably than it eventuated. 2-0 it was for for the rest;

Sydney 2 v Knights 0; Sydney to keep a rare clean sheet. Normally they sneak one early and fail to go on with it. But this time, with a bit of luck that has deserted them, and a bit more calm around the place, they might just consolidate a lead, which will be enough.

Qld 1 v Adelaide 0; memory goes back to the corresponding clash in rd 5 when the roar did everything but score. It was the same story at home last time around against the Mariners. Eventually they have to find the back of the net. Adelaide have been average on the road, 1 from 5.

Newcastle 1 v Mariners 1; the pace of Griffiths could cause all sorts of problems for the Mariners, particularly if Tomasevic shapes up on the left. Vidmar, with his positional nous, would be the better bet to contain him. At the other end, the strength of Mori against Okon/North could be telling. The Jets should dominate enough to create the chances, but it's goals that count. Honours shared.

November 10, 2006 5:28 pm  
Blogger Sportingo said...

Interesting blog. I love Premiership perspectives from outside of England!

Would you be interested in publishing any of your articles?

All the best,

November 12, 2006 10:33 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

As I said in my email Sportingo, I am flattered, but must in all honesty direct you to the far more competent pens of Tony, James and Mike.


November 13, 2006 6:56 am  

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