Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Round 15 Predictions

The scores so far:
Drsimmo: 21
Jacob: 20
Tony: 19
Hamish: 17
John: 17

Special congratulations to Tony for predicting Newcastle's win over Melbourne.

John and I are suffering from our dogged loyalty to the Roar. But doggedly loyal I remain! What the Roar need is a special meeting at the base of the Wally Lewis statue outside Suncorp stadium, with Wally Lewis himself there to explain to them, in detail, how and why the statue came to be. It certainly doesn't represent just him, it represents what Queenslanders do when all is apparently lost. Frank Farina would know the story well. Frankly (pathetically enough the pun was intended) I am very comfortable now with the Roar at 7th place on the ladder and four games to go. It is quite clear that we are now ready to come back, and then win the Grand Final.

My predictions:

Adelaide United FC vs Melbourne Victory FC
Adelaide 2:1

Queensland Roar FC vs Perth Glory FC
Queensland 3:1

New Zealand Knights FC vs Newcastle Jets FC
Newcastle 0:2

Central Coast Mariners FC vs Sydney FC
Draw 2:2

Jacob's predictions:
Adelaide United FC vs Melbourne Victory FC
Melbourne 1:2

Queensland Roar FC vs Perth Glory FC
Perth 0:2

New Zealand Knights FC vs Newcastle Jets FC
Newcastle 0:3

Central Coast Mariners FC vs Sydney FC
Draw 1:1

Incidentally, Jacob's team The West End Terrorists won 2:1 last weekend, in a very hard-fought game against 2nd on the ladder The Eagles. The Terrorists were number 7 on the ladder (now 6, of about 10 I think), they were missing two players, and for anyone not familiar with Indoor Soccer it is normally a very high-scoring game. Last week they lost 15:0 to Queensland Roar (4th on the ladder), we really thought we'd lose and I had resorted to the 'just fight to the end and learn from the game' rave - let's call it constructive defeatism. But the boys were brilliant. Due to us missing our main goalie Jacob took the final 10 minutes in goal, and he made several saves to let none through. For posterity, the two Terrorist goals were scored by Jiaan and Stavros, our two best strikers, who also took turns at goal. Brilliant, hard-working defence from Deklan and Morgan kept the Eagle's strikes few and furtive. Jacob normally plays a sort of attacking mid-field role, though in this game everyone is everywhere.

This Saturday the Terrorists play the Newfarm Jets. I am not making a prediction and neither myself nor the coaching staff are speaking to the media before the game.

Finally, for both the A-League and Brisbane's Under 12 Indoor Soccer comp, a prayer to the ineffable infinite: may the best teams win, may sportsmanship overcome egos, and may there be no major injuries (minor scratches and bruises are fine).

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Blogger The Round Ball Analyst said...

Hamish, a gamble in going for the Jets, but they do tend to lift against the big teams, and Melb were there for the taking with such a reshuffle of the backline.

Even then, the Jets had to rely on a couple of brilliant 1 v 1 saves from Necevski, but was mightly impressed by their second half, especially Kohler and Musalik's control of the mid and Carle's ability to still produce the goods despite the glue-like attentions of Panta...

The key for them is to do it when it's expected of them (like last week against Perth and this week against NZ).

As for the Terrorists, great work. All the best in the pursuit of a finals spot.

Tips to come.

November 29, 2006 8:12 pm  
Blogger drsimmo said...

G'day Hamish,

Don't worry, I reckon the slump the Roar are in must surely come to an end. Perth are not that great playing on the road. And you have just picked U20s player Chris Grossman for four games to replaced Marcus Wedau. I think this is a very good move.

Anyway, here go the tips:

Adelaide vs Melbourne: Adelaide 2-1
I agree with you on this one. Part of it is hope, part is the belief that surely Romário must find his touch sooner rather than later! If Kevin Muscat plays things may be different, but I have a feeling he won't - And Melbourne will miss his control in the midfield.

Queensland v Perth: Queensland 1-0
Tight and tough game this one I reckon. They may be to lock down Jamie Harnwell, the Glory's defender-cum-striker. If that happens, and Mori gets some service (better than last week), then you'll pull it off.

NZ v Newcastle: Newcastle 1-3
Poor NZ, they can't get a break. Just when they look threatening, they go a man down, and revert to rubbish. I think they'll look dangerous early, but Newcastle will run away with it. Crowd will be 1500 plus sheep.

Central Coast v Sydney: Sydney 1-2
Sydney is on a roll, and while Queensland played poorly last Friday, that was in part because of Sydney's midfield dominance. A tight game with a good crowd, and the Away Cove in full voice. Sydney to hold on.

And finally: Go the Terrorists! (I hope no one reports me to ASIO for saying that... one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter... or son :-)

November 30, 2006 10:11 am  
Blogger john said...

.... with the Roar at 7th place on the ladder and four games to go. ...

Hamish - start counting with the other hand? ;)
There are 7 games left including 3 at home. This week, next Thursday and then all the way out to 20 Jan. They must win 5 to make the finals. They won 1 in the last 7. Actually according to the Courier Mail Fank can't count either as he was quoted as saying they had not won in 9 games.

Adelaide United FC vs Melbourne Victory FC
Melb 1-0 Poor Nathan Burns deserves better than Romanio. Putting them both on would wreck Kossie's 'we ground them out approach.'

Queensland Roar FC vs Perth Glory FC
Queensland 4:0 Reddy has 2nd best clean sheets and he has played less games than the other keppers. (did you see Thursday Courier Mail). Lazaridies will do anything to win. But it is going to be our day. They have had Ben Williams 2 games out of the last 3 so it has to be someone else's turn? Goals from Mori, Lynch, Vidosic and Milicic.

New Zealand Knights FC vs Newcastle Jets FC
Newcastle 0:2 Yes NZ are not going to win. Which is a threat to the A-League really.

Central Coast Mariners FC vs Sydney FC
Draw 0-0 Both teams are dull as dust. CC has McDiver McMaster and Sydney Kossie's famous McFlynn

November 30, 2006 8:48 pm  
Anonymous wayne said...

ignore that last quote from your mate Hamish, CCM arent dull, I just dont have Foxtel to remind me he may be right. Having said that, mcmaster is out with a fourth yellow, to be replaced by our favorite son ,Andre Gumpbrecht. BTW, got my blog up and running, I would love some feedback on the first post up - go on, you know you want to...


cheers, and here's hoping for more dialogue and an ever growing independant media, foxtel or no..

November 30, 2006 11:23 pm  
Blogger The Round Ball Analyst said...

Tough week, reckon i'm struggling;

AU 1 MV 2
QR 1 PG 0
NZ 1 NJ 3

December 01, 2006 3:08 pm  

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