Monday, December 04, 2006

Blogs, Terrorists, Roar, Storms and Sobriety

Fair warning to all: this is going to be a discursive blah, covering a few unrelated subjects.

Well the Roar is all the rage in blog land. With two new blogs by Roar fans, A Seat at the A-League and What in the Roar?, as well as two new southern blogs showing more than a fair share of obsession with the Roar, Girl's Guide to the A-League (a Melbourne based site) and The Fisherman's Friend (the first Mariner's site that I know of), the Roar are the talk of the blogosphere. Fine by me really.

Apologies for the good folk from Melbourne and Adelaide (yeah, yeah, well done Victory), but my football weekend really began on Saturday morning. With goals from Jiaan (3), Morgan (2) and Max (1), the West End Terrorists beat the Newfarm Jets 6:2 in indoor soccer. Really, this is by far the most entertaining football of the week for me. They were down one player so only had one reserve, and they had to work hard.

A couple of the opposition went off with limps, which was unfortunate, but I was proud when the second went off (Wayne, who would have to be the Jets man of the match), all of the Terrorists clapped, in genuine appreciation of his skill and speed. If John, their head coach (they sort of have two - I know a manager and two coaches seems over the top for a 12 and under team, but we love them), had not have had the insight of training with Wayne at school, and specifically instructed two Terrorists to shut Wayne down, the score may have been different.

So well done to all. There's only one game to go before the finals and it's just possible The Terrorists could get in the top four. For their first season, and starting before they even knew the rules, they have done extremely well, and parents and coaching staff are all proud as hell.

I'll be updating their progress.

Saturday night was... well it was Saturday night, and the night was balmy, the moon was high in the sky, and after a rather choppy start ("wierd" is not a term I use to describe a football spectacle usually but it somehow works for the first 15 minutes of that game) the Roar rocked. Yeah yeah, the Roar often rock, but after 81 minutes they remembered how to score, and it wasn't a lame-arse penalty or something but it was a bloody beauty. In that moment a young man called Matt McKay changed the timbre of my life and simultaneously became the first person ever to make it onto my Christmas card list. Thank you sir!

My excuse for not blogging over the weekend is that I got a bit drunk and the next day nursed a headache for most of the day. I'm not as young as I used to be.

Sunday afternoon however I went to the weekly kickabout. For any Brisbanites reading this, here is the blurb, and I do invite and encourage you to join us:
Time now half an hour later: 4.30 pm
Davies Park (that's Jane St, West End), on the rugby league pitch (there's grass!)

As always, all welcome: young, old and in-between, beginners and old hands, women, men, boys & girls—no need to be a club member or anything either, so tell friends, family, etc, if you think they'd like to play.
There was about 10 a side but we got drowned by a storm after about half an hour.

Meanwhile, as we swam about in our boots, Sydney and Central Coast were failing to score, just as earlier Newcastle had failed to beat New Zealand. As if the Roar hadn't had enough gratuitous good fortune, this kept us only a point from fourth place. To really stretch spin with statistics, Melbourne were the only ones to score more goals than the Roar on the weekend. Ha!

I came home utterly drenched, but it was a damn good football weekend nevertheless.

Goodnight. (I didn't say cheers because I'm having a second night without whiskey).



Blogger john said...

"wierd" is not a term I use to describe a football spectacle usually but it somehow works for the first 15 minutes of that game...

I watched the replay Hamish. The game wasn't that bad. In fact Foxtel called it decisively to the Roar. I think what made it 'wierd' was, for us, a lack of crowd. With under 12,000 Lang Park echos and sounds strange.

By the way, in the first half King Mori accidently got in the way of shot (I think it was from Chris Grossman) and saved a goal....

December 06, 2006 8:00 am  
Blogger The Round Ball Analyst said...

Good luck in your final game Terrorists, hoping you'll sneak into the finals.

December 07, 2006 1:10 pm  

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