Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Round 17 Melancholy Show

Scraping myself of the bottom of the morale tank after last weekend, this Roar supporter is back to tip again. I talked to Jacob before to get his tips and he groaned, "What's the point if the Roar can't win?" It's a good question and fair. I just don't know, but let's see eh? There must still be a point to it all somehow.

The scores stand:
Drsimmo: 24
Tony: 24
Jacob: 24
Hamish: 23
John: 22
Dave: 21

There is a new player! G'day Dave. I started you on the minimum score minus 1. This late in the season, it still really wouldn't be fair if you won, so don't ok?

Can I note, just for the ongoing melancholy of it, that not one person predicted that the Roar would be beaten. And they were beaten three bloody nil. How much lower than expectations can a team go? Oh to be able to mask that sour evening from my mind...

Ok, tips... Mine first:

Sydney FC vs Perth Glory FC
Perth 0:1
No justification for that prediction at all. I'm going for the underdog.

Adelaide United FC vs Newcastle Jets FC
Newcastle 1:2
If Newcastle can beat the Roar they can beat anyone, and if Adelaide can't beat New Zealand they can't beat anyone. Please don't laugh out loud. Yes, I am aware of the contradiction and it is torturous.

Central Coast Mariners FC vs Queensland Roar FC
Queensland 1:2
Yes, you read correctly. Fan optimism is not dead. Call me blind, call me beyond reason, but in the battle of toxins, Hazardous Chemical Orange can beat Camel Cigarette Yellow. That's as rational as I'm going to get tonight.

Melbourne Victory FC vs New Zealand Knights FC
Melbourne 2:0
Underdog or n0t, I'm not that stupid.

Jacob's Tips:
Sydney FC vs Perth Glory FC
Sydney 2:1

Adelaide United FC vs Newcastle Jets FC
Newcastle 1:2

Central Coast Mariners FC vs Queensland Roar FC
Central Coast 2:0

Melbourne Victory FC vs New Zealand Knights FC
Melbourne 3:0

Off to one side here, Jacob's indoor team The Terrorists got properly thrashed last week by the top team on the ladder, The Jeebus. I think it was 7:0 or something. But the boys were great and didn't give in. This made them number 7 on the ladder (of 12), and into the second top 4 (ie 5th to 8th), which has a sort of B-finals this weekend. I'll keep you posted.

May good sportsmanship prevail on and off the pitch this weekend. May the best teams win. And may there be no serious injuries.

Cheers everyone.



Blogger Scary Monkey said...

Good to see someone still believes in the Roar - even if it means losing the tipping competition.

I should admit the last time I ever did tipping, it was the EPL season that Leeds was relegated and I kept tipping them to win.

Luckily there's no relegation from the A-League, or I would've tipped Melbourne & NZ into relegation last year if I had participated... not that they needed me to come 7th and 8th anyway...

Chin up Hamish, as much as my head doesn't think Qld can make it, my heart's still hoping that they can snatch 4th place... even if it's because I may have to admit to having a bit of a crush on Dilevski.

December 12, 2006 10:39 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

Dilevsky now Scary Monkey! My, when it comes to the Roar you are promiscuous. He's not even a goalie.

December 13, 2006 6:08 am  
Blogger drsimmo said...

Okay, after last week's pathetic effort (zero points for me), here are my new and improved tips:

Sydney vs Perth: Sydney 3-1
Sydney went 14 games straight with at least one goal, and then two games with none. This week I reckon they'll come good again. Two poor games from David Carney haven't helped the cause, and he says he's looking to improve on Thursday night.

Adelaide v Newcastle: Newcastle 1-2
Newcastle are on fire - NZ game aside - and if Adelaide start Romário without actually including him in the game plan, then they can kiss the finals goodbye.

Central Coast v Queensland: Central Coast 2-1
Poor Queensland! Two of their better players out injured just when they need them most. Will Frank get them attacking like Miron did? The Mariners are looking ominous in the lead up to the finals. Mori to get a consolation goal against his old club.

Melbourne v NZ: Melbourne 2-1
As much as I'd love the slightly resurgent Knights to do over the Victory, it's just not going to happen (of course typically to be resurgent you have to have, ah, surged). If Jonas Salley plays well though and their new Chinese striker Gao does what he did last week, then who knows?

December 13, 2006 4:33 pm  
Blogger john said...

Jacob's Tips:
Sydney FC vs Perth Glory FC
Draw 0:0 - everyone falls asleep - and syd forget they claimed credit for melb's record crowd.

Adelaide United FC vs Newcastle Jets FC
Newcastle 1:0 attack beats ground them out - read the press on Romario - didn't turn up at recovery session....

Central Coast Mariners FC vs Queensland Roar FC
Roar 6:0 - bring back the Brazillian

Melbourne Victory FC vs New Zealand Knights FC
Melbourne 7:0

By the way I followed Leeds in the glory days - per Harry - way back to the 1970s and Billy Bremner's team (that lsot to lowly Sunderland in the FA cup final).

December 13, 2006 9:57 pm  
Blogger Hamish said...

Tony the Round Ball Analyst had some trouble posting a comment, so sent me the following by email:

Geez Hamish/Jacob, 7-zip.....you win some, and then you lose some...

Good luck in the 'best of the rest' comp....

Here's my tips; SFC 1 v PG 1 - for the third time this year. Sydney (Carney) might just get some change out of Sekoulovski, who's defensive work has looked shaky the past few weeks. Smith would do well to play Tarka on the left, with Harnwell and Kovacevic in the middle. Glavas, away from home, on the counter, could be Perth's best option up front.

AU 3 v NJ 2 - law of averages. Both teams have been playing open stuff, so hoping for a cracker with plenty of goals.

CCM 2 v QR 1 - after a couple of his selection choices last week, Farina doesn't exactly instill confidence.

MV 3 v NZK 0 - the Knights look more organised but have struggled with Allsopp/Archie. An early MV goal and the Knights are in trouble.

Good luck on Sat....

December 14, 2006 10:58 pm  
Anonymous Dave said...

Sorry, forgot about the Thrusday night game, so I'll just stick to the others.

Reds 1: Jets 1
A couple of weeks ago this would have been a cracker, but Adelaide's funk and Newcastle's recent injuries and suspensions mean it could be a real fizzer. If Aloisi and co find their groove again, the Reds could steal the points, but a draw looks the more likely outcome.

Mariners 1: Roar 1
Going with history here. All previous games between these teams have been draws and this one's shaping as much the same story. I think Qld will be better than their meek capitulation last week, but on their current form, a point would be about the best they could hope for.

Victory 2: Knights 1
I suspect this might be tougher than many expect. For all the Knights off-field troubles, they've discovered the key to battling it out on the pitch. Having said that, it's hard to see quality not winning out here in the end.

Best of luck everyone

December 15, 2006 4:06 pm  

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