Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Good Week Overall

It's getting late and I'm on my third (and last) whiskey, and I just feel like writing something, so here's the week in review.

Obviously a win would have been great for the Roar, but I remember seeing the Roar beat Wellington at Suncorp Stadium two weekends ago, along with the revelation of Zullo and Kruse, and I remember thinking, "Hell, that was a breakthrough, but the next two games are away against the two top teams Central Coast and Newcastle - if we get through those, ok I'll be happy." A win and a draw was fine and, risking the revenge of hubris, I reckon with Tiatto back we can watch the boys beat Perth at home next week, so overall I'm pretty cool with all that.

And as I blogged earlier in the week, our Futsal team (The Red Eye Pirates) won 4:1 on Tuesday, so this morning topped off a good week when Jacob's Indoor team (The West End Terrors) won 6:1 against 'The Blues'. Why, oh why, do they have to so often concede a goal in the opening minute? It's like they wander on to the pitch still thinking about X-Box or Runescape or something, and then realise where they are only after the other team scores. It was the fate of their outdoor team as well. It's like the way they prepare mentally for the game is to go one down. How can I prepare them mentally before they go on the pitch? I'm sure Newcastle is thinking the same thing at the moment. Anyway, Jacob was in goals for the second half and although he wasn't under too much pressure (the Blues weren't that good) he kept his own clean sheet. Congrats to Stav (2), Max (2), Cal and Declan for the goals. Fun was had for all.

It was a good week. It's an embarrassing thought, but my emotional state at a given time is hugely influenced by the fortunes of these three great football teams, The Queensland Roar, The Red-Eye Pirates and The West End Terrors, in no particular order.

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